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21 Blackburn Avenue
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+1 (613) 233-6289, 233-6280

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Honorary Consuls


Due to the current situation caused by the CORONA 19 virus pandemic, as well as the restrictive measures introduced by the Government of the Province of Ontario, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Ottawa is obliged to respect the epidemiological protocols of the Province of Ontario. In this regard, we inform you of the following:

1. Reception of parties are done exclusively in the scheduled times.

2. Appointments are made by e-mail consular.ottawa@mfa.rs or by calling the phone numbers 613-233-6280 or 613-233-6289.

3. A maximum of two persons are allowed to stay in the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia at the same time (except in the case of minor children who must be accompanied by their parents).

4. Every person entering the Embassy premises must have a protective face mask and appropriate gloves.

5. Bearing in mind the limitations in the work of the Embassy, due to the decisions of the Government of Ontario and in accordance with health protection measures, with purpose to provide all types of consular services, please plan and align your obligations and activities during the time available to schedule at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia.

Thank you for your understanding.


We invite citizens to MANDATORY check the information regarding entry into the territory of the Republic of Serbia, as well as information on measures for entry into other countries of the world. All information is updated daily!

Requirements for entry:

Conditions for travel:


Testing can now be done at the airport "Nikola Tesla". The laboratory is open 24/7:
Website: beg.aero/lat/node/470


May  21st, 2021

An online application for "VISA TYPE D" which is issued for longer stay of 91 to 180 days in the Republic of Serbia, has been acitve from May 20th, 2021. In order to apply for visa mentioned above, please follow the link:


Application is bilingual in English alphabet and in Serbian Cyrilic and Latin Alphabet.

Site to support people who plan to return to Serbia

We are here to support people who plan to return to Serbia, have business venture or a scientific and professional career, to provide information on all ways to get in touch with Serbia, to help cooperate with local talents and extraordinary initiatives and to provide a framework for better Serbian communication. companies at home and abroad:

Serbian version only: https://tackapovratka.rs/o-nama/


Serbia Has Opened Its Borders for Businesspeople from the World

Serbia has opened its borders for businesspeople from the entire world, who will be entering this country from tomorrow by a special simplified procedure, which is different from the rules that apply to other travellers. At the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has allowed foreign and domestic citizens, who enter the country for business reasons, to cross the border only by previously informing the Chamber on their arrival, and afterwards, within 24 hours after entering the country, to obtain and submit a negative RT-PCR test or antigen test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus detection.

„In these circumstances, when most countries introduce additional restrictions, Serbia has found a way, with the application of the epidemiological measures, to facilitate business operations to business people from the entire world, companies already operating here, as well as those that are entering our country for their future business by simplifying the procedures for entering the country, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in performing the required formalities”, Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, said.

Čadež reminded that business travel and contacts with businessmen were not a matter of choice, but the need of business, and expressed his hope that other countries would follow Serbia’s example so that companies all around the world would be able to carry out their business activities during the global health crisis with the lowest possible costs and waste of time, and to get out of the pandemic crisis with the least possible consequences.

According to the new rules that are valid as of 21 January, owners, managers, and employees within their companies, who intend to arrive to Serbia for business reasons, will previously have to inform the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia on their arrival, which will timely inform the border police on it in order to enable them to cross the border. Upon entering the country, they will be tested in a Serbian reference laboratory, submit the test to the Chamber, and if the test is negative, they will continue to carry out their planned activities.

For the announcement of arrival, and all necessary information and support, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia by e-mail: inocovid19@pks.rs

The request should be submitted in written 48h before the date of entry to Serbia on the memorandum of the company containing the following information: 

a. name and surname of the person (or persons) coming to the Republic of Serbia
b. passport number and the country that issued the passport
c. business reasons for coming to the Republic of Serbia
d. date and border crossing of entry into Serbia
e. flight number / car registration number, etc.
f. address and duration of stay in the Republic of Serbia, contact phone, e-mail

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia reminds that these new procedures will not apply to those who arrive from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and North Macedonia that are allowed to enter Serbia without a PCR test in compliance with the previous decision.



Prime Minister Brnabic at Global COVID-19 summit organised by White House

22 September, 2021

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic participated today at the Global COVID-19 summit, organised by the White House, which was opened by US President Joseph Biden.

The video messages are attended by a large number of world leaders and officials of international organizations, including UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, British and Canadian Prime Ministers, Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and many others.

In the message, the Prime Minister pointed out that Serbia was among the first European countries to procure a covid vaccine, and that she was the first European Prime Minister to receive the vaccine.

Thanks to years of investment in digitalisation and development of eGovernment, we have managed to organise a complicated and complex vaccination process very efficiently and in a way that it is focused on citizens, she explained.

However, as she added, from the very beginning we were aware that this is not just a matter of our citizens and only our struggle. In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all safe or no one is safe.

That is why, in addition to procuring vaccines for our citizens, we donated vaccines to the citizens of the Western Balkans, but also to other countries, she reminded and specified that Serbia donated 230,000 doses of vaccines to the region, we vaccinated foreign citizens in Serbia with approximately 300,000 doses and set aside we have 570,000 doses of vaccines for countries in Africa and Asia.

Brnabic mentioned that Serbia has already started the production of covid vaccine from one manufacturer, and that it will start production from another by the end of the year, because in that way we want to help and support all people and countries that need vaccines.

This is a pandemic in which we will either win together or lose together, but we must fight together, the Prime Minister repeated.

That is why Serbia supports the goals of this global summit, she emphasised, and expressed her gratitude to the United States of America and President Biden for organising the summit and supporting joint efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccines are the only way out in the fight against the pandemic, concluded Brnabic.

20.000.000 dinars were allocated for the establishment of new schools and classes of supplementary classes in the diaspora

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Administration for Cooperation with Diaspora and Serbs in the region has decided on co-financing projects that contribute with their quality to preserve and strengthening the bonds of the home state and the diaspora. At the competition that was announced from July 22. to August 06., 2021. for co-financing of projects in the field of classes - Support for the establishment of new schools and classes of supplementary teaching of Serbian language in the diaspora, ten proposals of the Serbian associations, organizations and Eparchy have arrived Serbian Orthodox Church from Austria, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, South African Republic and Spain.

Funds in total amount of 20.000.000 dinars intended for syfinancing projects that contribute with their quality to preserve and strengthen the bonds of the home state and the diaspora aimed at: preserving and nurturing Serbian cultural, ethnic, language and religious identity, which can be listed as the area - support for the establishment of new schools and classes of supplementary teaching of Serbian language in the diaspora are allocated for:

SPKD Education Austria, Serbian language school education, 4.250.000 dinars,
Serbian educational and cultural center Saint Jelena Anjouska Malta, Serbian language school in Malta 4.800.000 dinars,
Eparchy of the Western European SPCrque - Servisch Orthodoxe Kerk in Nederland, Creative workshops in Serbian language for children 2.000.000 dinars,
NPO Center for International Cooperation ′′ Russian-Balkan Dialogue ", Supplementary school of Serbian language in Moscow and Saint Petersburg 5.250.000 dinars,
Eparchy of the Western European SPC - Iglesia ortodoxa serbia Parroquias espa ñolas, Creative workshops in Serbian for children in Spain and Portugal 3.700.000 dinars.

Director of the Administration for Cooperation with Diaspora and Serbs in the region, Arno Guillon, will on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Administration for cooperation with the Serbs in the region, sign contracts for co-financing with selected users, in which mutual rights and obligations will be arranged in order Realization of approved projects from this decision.


September 15th - Celebrating the Day of Serbian unity, freedom and national flag


President of Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic attended today a central event dedicated to celebrating the Day of Serbian unity, freedom and national flag on Sava square.

′′ Your Holiness, respected member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Dodik, esteemed president of the Republic of Srpska Mrs. Cvijanovic, respected president of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, respected president of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Mrs. Brnabic, your excellency, honorable fathers, dear friends,
King Petar the First Karadjordjevic, presented June and November 1911. the 51th regiment flag to his army.
None of those flags are captured, which is a precedent in modern warfare history.

Heroes who were entrusted with the task of taking care of those flags, passed all the battles of Balkan and World War I, so that on this very day in 1918., storming under those banners, would go victoriously into the breakthrough of Thessaloniki front. Glory to our great Serbian heroes!

To our ancestors, heroes of Kolubara, Cer, Kumanovo, carriers of Kara đor đee's star and Albanian monument, Serbian tricolor, red-blue-white, was bigger and more important and more important and stronger than life, because it warned them that Serbia's freedom has no price, no alternative That's why barjaktari died, but the flags survived.
Because of them, because of all the others who under that flag, under that name, gave their lives, today we celebrate the Day of Serbian unity, freedom and national flag, perhaps the most important holiday of ours, which clearly tells us who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

It is a holiday of our identity, the one in which language, culture, tradition, faith, but also values on which society rests, values that make one country civilized, organized, capable of remembering, but also to know what is wrong with it and why To do.
The date we chose, September 15. th, is the date of breakthrough of Thessaloniki front, that day in which, together, lie both our pain and our glory, which make up the first part of that Renan definition of the nation, by which it is based on mutual suffering, glory in the past, but also in common plan for the future.
On that September 15. th, 1918., the only plan was freedom, towards which Serbian troops rushed with the famous order of Zivojin Misic: In death, just don't stop! Forward, to the homeland!
That day was the first in a series of similar plebiscites, on which, regardless of the bloody price, we chose, nanovo and nanovo, Serbia and its freedom.

Today, precisely, it is important, that celebrating all the victims, every drop of blood they shed, every bone they sowed, on another plebiscite we adopt our new plan for the future. The one, in which we will stand under the same flag, knowing that it is the flag of freedom, and the flag of peace, but also the flag of the future.
The flag of our unity in the intention of preserving our identity and right to be who we are, one and the same people, who do not want to take anything from anyone, to endanger anyone, but only to perform for themselves the same right they admit to others. The right to name, to history, culture, language, faith, tradition and the right to exist.
It is the right to dignity, the right to remember, but also the right to what no one can force us to do, and many still try, unsuccessfully - the right to decide for ourselves and when and what to forget.

To myself, and others.
Not everything has always been quite bright during history, and most often towards ourselves, sometimes towards others, but, at least in these areas, there is no nation that has been through such darkness, and that grave, nation that has made such sacrifice to see light and became a nation, free.
What of all that we will forget, and many things we have to, just to not live forever in the past, can be exclusively our choice, not the decision of anyone on the side.
And immediately to be clear, this flag, all those who lie under it and because of it, the flag of our suffering, the flag of our bones, our pits, camps, the children they took from us, we will definitely never forget and we will proudly carry it.
In her, and that's another important lesson we have to learn, are all our meaningless divisions, all the failed dreams we dreamed, every mistake we made, but what matters in that is that, and such, that Our flag, represents that unity that is based on the fact that we are not perfect, that we are different, but also to know that the beauty of togetherness, is the beauty of the flag, exactly in that.

Exactly why, our red-blue-white tricolor is no call for single-mindedness, but the exact opposite, to preserve all our differences under one, same flag.
Under the symbol of freedom, identity, existence, rights to life, because these are the conditions for diversity.
Slaves are all the same, enslaved. Free people differ, because they are free.
And that's something that has to apply to all the people in the Balkans, regardless of where they live. To be free, to the same extent, with the same rights, with their language, faith, culture and tradition.

And it is not any special Serbian world, for which they accuse us, it is, simply, the world of the free, the world of those with their own name, with the right to speak loud and without consequences, always, and in every place.
We will never apologize to anyone again for the Serbian tricolor. We will carry it with pride always, and everywhere. There is nothing more important and more important to us than the unity of our people.
And that, according to us, has to apply to all the people in the Balkans, without any exceptions, and especially without constant attempts to allow someone, Serbs, first of all, a name, but also to add a stamp of guilt
This holiday of unity and freedom of ours, this flag of ours, play that role, they are proof that, being a Serb, does not mean being guilty, does not mean carrying the burden of condemnation, but, exactly the opposite, they say that pride goes with that name
Pride for Misar, Deligrad, Cele tower, and Takovo, Kumanovo, Milos, Djordje, Mihajlo, pride for Kolubara, Cer, Kajmakcalan, pride for Peter and Alexander, all the lives given for one beautiful, most beautiful attempt by all anti-fascists to preserve freedom in both that hardest time, but also because of the martyrs from Prebilovci, Jadovna, Jasenovac, whom we must never forget again, as we have forgotten for 70 years.
And that's us. That's Serbia. It's a new Serbia, a different Serbia, proud Serbia, which doesn't ask anyone for anything and who won't beg anyone, who just wants to have rights, just like everyone else has, and nothing more, but also nothing less.

That is the language, our Serbian language, language and Mesa Selimovic, and Ivo Andric, and Milos Crnjanski. It's the culture we created, it's faith without hatred, it's our being, it determines us and makes us a worthy nation.
That, in the end, gives us strength, science, that in this century, whose foundations are in our hands today, we seek peace and to discover our strength, greatness, in life, in what makes it better, in work, in great endeavors Making roads and bridges, in connections, in factories, new hospitals, in knowledge and faith that we can, can, equally, or more than all others.

And just like we are proud of our ancestors who gave their lives for freedom, so tomorrow our descendants should be proud of us, who teach them how to live for freedom and how to live in freedom.
And we need to teach them how to remember, and how to forget only by our own will. How you deserve dignity and how you respect the foundation.
And the foundation is that name, Serbia, under which so many unknowns are buried. And that flag of ours, in which they have woven their lives, to remain recognized. And glory, Homeland, which sees its children, hears, and helps, wherever they are.

The foundation is also this holiday, the holiday of our identity, our history, but also our differences that, again, give both glory and pain in the past, and a clear plan for the future.
And I want to say a big thank you to our people in Republika Srpska, I want to say a big thank you to his representatives, who are here, I want to say a big thank you to our people in Montenegro and its representatives, those who are not ashamed to say that they are Serbs , I want to say a big thank you to our martyr nation in Kosovo and Metohija, their representatives, who are here tonight, with us, but also to say a big thank you to all those who were not allowed to highlight their, Serbian flag today because of the threats of their regime in the region , to say thank you, because I know that their hearts are here tonight, with us and that they are beating for ours, for their Serbian people.
And allow me, in the end, to say that what I will do, however much I can, with all my strength, with all my heart, with all my soul, as much time as is left, I will lead Serbia to be even stronger, stronger, so that it can help the Republic To Srpska, never touching the rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to help our people in Montenegro, and in every place, and to protect every Serbian man from persecution, never to repeat to us again neither Jasenovac, nor Jadovno, nor Prebilovci, Neither Storm, nor Flash, nor pogroms from 2004. And that's our vow!

Let the Serbian unity live, our freedom and our red-blue-white tricolor! Let the Republic of Srpska live!
Long live Serbia!"

Source / Photo: Presidency / Dimitrije Goal

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