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Working hours of the Embassy
Monday - Friday:  9:00 - 16:00



Working hours of the Consular Section
(working with clients)
Monday - Friday:  10:00 - 13:30

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21 Blackburn Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K1N 8A2

+1 (613) 233-6289, 233-6280

 +1 (613) 233-7850


Honorary Consuls


Due to the current situation caused by the CORONA 19 virus pandemic, as well as the restrictive measures introduced by the Government of the Province of Ontario, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Ottawa is obliged to respect the epidemiological protocols of the Province of Ontario. In this regard, we inform you of the following:

1. Reception of parties are done exclusively in the scheduled times.

2. Appointments are made by e-mail consulare@serbianembassy.ca or by calling the phone numbers 613-233-6280 or 613-233-6289.

3. A maximum of two persons are allowed to stay in the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia at the same time (except in the case of minor children who must be accompanied by their parents).

4. Every person entering the Embassy premises must have a protective face mask and appropriate gloves.

5. Bearing in mind the limitations in the work of the Embassy, due to the decisions of the Government of Ontario and in accordance with health protection measures, with purpose to provide all types of consular services, please plan and align your obligations and activities during the time available to schedule at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia.
Thank you for your understanding.

Site to support people who plan to return to Serbia

We are here to support people who plan to return to Serbia, have business venture or a scientific and professional career, to provide information on all ways to get in touch with Serbia, to help cooperate with local talents and extraordinary initiatives and to provide a framework for better Serbian communication. companies at home and abroad:

Serbian version only: https://tackapovratka.rs/o-nama/

New anti-epidemic measures in force from 20 December

Today, the government of the Republic of Serbia adopted new measures proposed by the COVID-19 crisis response team at yesterday's session, which will take effect on Sunday, 20 December.

The new measures refer to the entry of both domestic and foreign citizens into our country. Bearing in mind the New Year's and Christmas holidays, a traditionally higher frequency of people is expected at all border crossings.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, early detection of infected persons and protection of the health of all residents of Serbia, the government has adopted the following measures:

Entry into Serbia will be allowed only with a negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours. Citizens of Serbia, who do not have a negative PCR test, must be in home isolation for 10 days. They can be tested in Serbia and if their PCR test is negative, they will no longer be required to be in home isolation.

The price of testing on personal request for foreign citizens from today is RSD 18,000, while for citizens of Serbia the price is unchanged until the end of the year and it is RSD 6,000. From 1 January 2021, the price of testing on personal request for domestic citizens will be RSD 9,000.

The government of Serbia appeals to all citizens who want to be tested on a personal request to schedule testing exclusively electronically. In line with the increased number of on-demand tests expected in the coming weeks, electronic scheduling is a valuable help, in order to avoid crowds and queues in front of COVID clinics and prevent the risk of potentially infecting citizens.

Citizens, foreign citizens with approved residence in our country, as well as foreign citizens without approved residence (tourists), can easily and quickly schedule an appointment in one of 26 laboratories in 23 cities and municipalities in Serbia at eGovernment - https://euprava.gov.rs/usluge/6096.

In order to use the eSchedule service for PCR testing on personal request, it is not necessary for citizens to register on the eGovernment portal. You will receive a confirmation that you have successfully scheduled an appointment by the e-mail you provided, as well as an SMS message.


Serbia Has Opened Its Borders for Businesspeople from the World

Serbia has opened its borders for businesspeople from the entire world, who will be entering this country from tomorrow by a special simplified procedure, which is different from the rules that apply to other travellers. At the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has allowed foreign and domestic citizens, who enter the country for business reasons, to cross the border only by previously informing the Chamber on their arrival, and afterwards, within 24 hours after entering the country, to obtain and submit a negative RT-PCR test or antigen test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus detection.

„In these circumstances, when most countries introduce additional restrictions, Serbia has found a way, with the application of the epidemiological measures, to facilitate business operations to business people from the entire world, companies already operating here, as well as those that are entering our country for their future business by simplifying the procedures for entering the country, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in performing the required formalities”, Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, said.

Čadež reminded that business travel and contacts with businessmen were not a matter of choice, but the need of business, and expressed his hope that other countries would follow Serbia’s example so that companies all around the world would be able to carry out their business activities during the global health crisis with the lowest possible costs and waste of time, and to get out of the pandemic crisis with the least possible consequences.

According to the new rules that are valid as of 21 January, owners, managers, and employees within their companies, who intend to arrive to Serbia for business reasons, will previously have to inform the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia on their arrival, which will timely inform the border police on it in order to enable them to cross the border. Upon entering the country, they will be tested in a Serbian reference laboratory, submit the test to the Chamber, and if the test is negative, they will continue to carry out their planned activities.

For the announcement of arrival, and all necessary information and support, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia by e-mail: inocovid19@pks.rs

The request should be submitted in written 48h before the date of entry to Serbia on the memorandum of the company containing the following information: 

a. name and surname of the person (or persons) coming to the Republic of Serbia
b. passport number and the country that issued the passport
c. business reasons for coming to the Republic of Serbia
d. date and border crossing of entry into Serbia
e. flight number / car registration number, etc.
f. address and duration of stay in the Republic of Serbia, contact phone, e-mail

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia reminds that these new procedures will not apply to those who arrive from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and North Macedonia that are allowed to enter Serbia without a PCR test in compliance with the previous decision.



On-line application for visa D

The development of the On-line application for D visa is in the final phase and after it is finished, people applying for D Visa based on employment, will be able to fill in the application electronically and attach the necessary documents and proof of payment of the consular fee. This application will facilitate the procedure of submitting the request and contribute to the efficiency of the procedure itself.

Marking the Day of Remembrance of the victims of the NATO aggression, 24 March 2021

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic made a statement on the occasion of marking the Day of Remembrance of the victims of the NATO aggression.

"Your Holiness, distinguished Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, distinguished Speakers of the National Assemblies of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, distinguished Prime Ministers of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, distinguished Ministers of both Governments, dear guests and friends, representatives of the Serbian People from Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, thank you for the fact that we are all together tonight and that the Serbian spirit is unbreakable and invincible.

One child a day and a little more than that. That is the most difficult, sickening and painful number of the NATO aggression from 1999. Killed, stopped, guilty of nothing, having committed no sin, without the right to defence, without the right to justice and without the right to life.

No one has ever been held accountable for this crime, a crime greater than a crime. No one, for the 2,500 killed civilians, but also soldiers and policemen who were only guilty of guarding, protecting themselves and their homes. No one has ever been held accountable for more than 6,000 persons injured.

Even today, 22 years after the aggression, it is not possible to explain that, there is no universal justification, despite all the work done to that end, there is no reason, it makes no sense, and only names remain, as eternal as sin.


Commémoration du Jour du Souvenir des victimes de l'agression de l'OTAN

Le Président de la République de Serbie Aleksandar Vučić s'est adressé à l'occasion de la commémoration du Jour du Souvenir des victimes de l'agression de l'OTAN

"Votre Sainteté, Honorable Président de la Présidence de Bosnie-Herzégovine,Honorables  Présidents des Assemblées nationales de la République de Serbie et de la République Srpska, Honorables Présidents des gouvernements de la République de Serbie et de la République Srpska, Honorables Ministres des deux gouvernements, Chers invités et amis, représentants du peule serbe du Monténégro, Macédoine du Nord, Croatie, merci d'être ici tous ensemble ce soir encore et parce que le peuple serbe est inébranlable et invincible.

Un enfant par jour et un peu plus. C'est le chiffre le plus lourd, le plus difficile et le plus douloureux de l'agression de l'OTAN de 1999. Tués, stoppés, innocents, ils n'avaient commis aucun crime, sans droit à la défense, sans droit à la justice, sans droit à la vie.

Personne n'a jamais été tenu responsable pour ce crime, crime plus grand que le crime. Personne pour 2500 civiles tués, mais aussi des militaires et des policiers coupables seulement d'avoir gardé, protégé eux-mêmes et leurs foyers. Personne n'a jamais été tenu responsable pour plus de 6000 blessés.

Ce n'est pas possible de l'expliquer même aujourd'hui, 22 ans après l'agression, il n'y a pas, malgré les efforts, de justification universelle, pas de raison, pas de sens, il ne reste que des noms en guise du péché éternel.


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