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Ukinuta potreba legalizacije dokumenata za upotrebu u Republici Srbiji

Počev od 11. januara 2024. godine u Kanadi je počela da se primenjuje Haška konvencija o ukidanju potrebe legalizacije stranih javnih isprava. 

Legalizacija je podrazumevala da dokument izdat ili notarizovan u Kanadi, prethodno mora biti overen u Global Affairs of Canada, a zatim nadoveren u Ambasadi Republike Srbije u Otavi, kako bi bio priznat za upotrebu u R. Srbiji.

Stupanjem na snagu Haške konvencije, više nije potrebna nadovera dokumenta u Ambasadi Republike Srbije u Otavi, već je dovoljno da dokument izdat u Kanadi ili overen od strane kanadskog notara, bude overen APOSTILLE pečatom.

Više informacija o načinu overe dokumenata možete pronaći na linku.

Otava: Svečano obeležen Dan državnosti Republike Srbije
Ambasada Republike Srbije u Otavi je, u prestižnom hotelu Fairmont Chateau Laurier, organizovala svečani prijem povodom Dana državnosti.
U pozdravnim govorima ambasadora Republike Srbije Dejana Ralevića i pomoćnika zamenika ministra inostranih poslova Kanade Aleksandra Leveka dominirale su poruke o tradicionalno dobrim i stabilnim bilateralnim odnosima, kao i isticanje važnosti ekonomske saradnje dve države.
Oba govornika apostrofirala su značaj srpske zajednice u Kanadi u procesu izgradnje mostova između država.
U programu su učestvovali hor crkve Sveti Stefan iz Otave, omladinci folklornog društva „Legende“ iz Otave i poznati muzički sastav „Swing Fewer“, koji je internacionalnog sastava, uključujući srpskog muzičara.
Prijemu su prisustvovali poslanici Donjeg doma parlamenta, Senata, predstavnici MIP Kanade i dipkora. Među zvanicama su bila sva tri počasna konzula u Kanadi (Montreal, Kalgari, Vankuver), kao i predstavnici srpske zajednice i SPC.
Tradicionalno, čuveni Nijagarini vodopadi su, u čast Dana državnosti, bili osvetljeni u bojama srpske trobojke, a državna zastava Srbije bila je podignuta na jarbol ispred gradske kuće u Otavi.

Govor ambasadora Dejana Ralevića na prijemu povodom obeležavanja Dana državnosti Republike Srbije:

"Distinguished members of the House of Commons and senators, Assistant Deputy Minister Lévêque, your Excellences, representatives of Canadian government, members of the diplomatic corps, ladies and gentlemen and fellow citizens, good evening and welcome.

Permettez-moi d’abord de souligner que nous sommes réunis aujourd’hui sur le territoire non cédé du peuple algonquin anishinabe.

On this auspicious day, we gather to commemorate and celebrate the rich history, culture, and spirit of Serbia. Today marks our Serbian National Day, a momentous occasion that resonates with pride and reflection.

As we reflect on our journey as a nation, we are reminded of the resilience and strength ingrained within the fabric of our society. Throughout centuries of challenges, triumphs, disappointments and transformations, Serbia has remained steadfast in its pursuit of freedom, justice, and prosperity.

Today Serbia commemorates two important events. First, the beginning of the Serbian Revolution in 1804 and the First Serbian Uprising mark a significant event in Serbian history that eventually led to the establishment of modern Serbia as an independent state, and the second, creation of the First Serbian Constitution, known as the Sretenje Constitution, which was adopted on February 15, 1835.

Ces deux dates ont de grande importance pour la renaissance du peuple serbe et de son pays. La première représente la lutte pour la liberté, tandis que la seconde a confirmé que la liberté était limitée par celle des autres. C'est pourquoi la Constitution qui a été adoptée, stipulait qu'il ne devait plus y avoir d'esclaves et que tout esclave, qui foulait le sol serbe, devenait libre. Cette Constitution était la plus libérale d'Europe et aboutit à une réforme agraire dont peu d'États de l'époque pouvaient être fiers.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me to reflect now on Canadian–Serbian Relations. Although Canada and Serbia have been allies in two World Wars, with 82 years long tradition of diplomatic relations, sometimes we use our diplomatic skills to navigate through challenges and stormy waters. Our diplomatic relations evolved because they are built on mutual respect, cooperation, and shared values. It is not uncommon among friends to have different perspectives about the world around us, but despite that, we continue to recognize the significance of the bond that exists between our two nations.

L'un des domaines de coopération devrait être la Francophonie, car la Serbie est très déterminée à contribuer au travail de l'organisation et à son avenir. Le Canada et ses provinces francophones sont nos alliés.

Nos deux pays ont convenu de diverger des positions sur la question la plus sensible – l’intégrité territoriale et souveraineté de mon pays, mais on essaie de trouver les canaux de communication qui devrait aider le dialogue entre Belgrade et Pristina à aboutir à une solution acceptable. On espère que le Canada reconnait la complexité de cette question.

For more than a century Serbian community in Canada has represented the vital pillar of Serbian-Canadian relations. Serbian immigration to Canada dates back to the late 19th century, with notable waves of immigration occurring in the early 20th century and after World War II. Many Serbs initially settled in urban centers such as Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor, as well as in the endless plains of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Yes, those humble Serbian peasants left their homeland in search of a brighter future in the vast Canadian prairies. That’s why the first Serbian Orthodox church was built in Regina in 1912. The Serbian community in Canada is characterized by its resilience, diversity, and contributions to the multicultural mosaic of Canadian society. Serbian Canadians continue to enrich Canada's social fabric while preserving their rich cultural heritage and identity.

La coopération commerciale et économique constitue un élément important de nos relations bilatérales. Afin de ne pas vous endormir, je ne vais pas aller avec les chiffres, mais les données statistiques montrent une activité nettement accrue dans la coopération commerciale extérieure entre la Serbie et le Canada, en particulier du côté des exportations (minerais et concentrés de cuivre). La Serbie et le Canada reconnaissent le potentiel d’une augmentation du commerce, des investissements et des partenariats commerciaux. En explorant les voies d’une coopération économique renforcée, nous ouvrons la voie à une croissance et une prospérité partagées pour nos citoyens. Nous sommes très heureux que les secteurs canadien et serbe aient commencé à coopérer plus vigoureusement. Plus encore, certaines entreprises serbes de l’informatique, comme Quantox Technology, ont donné l’exemple depuis qu’elle a commencé à faire des affaires au Canada en ouvrant une succursale locale à Ottawa. Les efforts visant à renforcer les partenariats bilatéraux en matière de commerce, d’investissement et d’affaires se poursuivent, même s’il reste encore des possibilités d’expansion et de collaboration dans divers secteurs.

I need to underline that Belgrade, capital of Serbia, will host 2027 Special EXPO, and the opportunities for closer and broader cooperation are in front of us – I use this occasion to invite Canadian and your companies to take part to this great event in a couple of years.

Yet, as we celebrate our achievements, we must also acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead. In an increasingly interconnected world, we must embrace diversity, tolerance, and inclusivity as the cornerstones of our collective strength. It is through dialogue, understanding, and cooperation that we can forge a brighter future for generations to come. We continue to strive towards membership in the EU, as our most important strategic goal. Regional stability and reconciliation remain our paramount goals, despite sporadic challenges and tensions.

As we honor our heritage and traditions, let us also look to the horizon with hope and optimism. On this Serbian Statehood Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to nurturing the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between Serbia and Canada. Let us seize the opportunities that lie ahead to deepen our partnership, expand our cooperation, and address the global challenges that confront us. In closing, let us celebrate the enduring spirit of diplomacy that unites our two nations. May the friendship between Serbia and Canada continue to thrive and flourish for generations to come.

Long live Serbia, long live Canada!

Thank you, Merci, Hvala."



Konkurs za sufinansiranje projekata za region i dijasporu 2024

Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova, Uprava za saradnju s dijasporom i Srbima u regionu od 01. februara do 12. februara 2024. godine raspisuje KONKURS za sufinansiranje projekata koji svojim kvalitetom doprinose očuvanju i jačanju veza matične države i dijaspore, kao i matične države i Srba u regionu.




Odlukom RIK glasanje na teritoriji Kanade (Otava, Toronto, Vankuver) biće obavljeno 16.12.2023. godine u periodu od 7 do 20 časova (po lokalnim vremenima u Kanadi).

Pozivamo članove dijaspore registrovane za izbore (Vankuver i Kalgari) da se, ukoliko žele, prijave za članove biračkog odbora u Vankuveru. Prijave se šalju Počasnom konzulatu Srbije u Vankuveru (consul@serbianconsulate.bc.ca) najkasnije do 30.11.2023.!!!


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