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We can provide the police clearance certificate for Serbian citizens only. All other nationalities should contact their embassies in Belgrade, in Serbia.

The Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Serbia. For obtaining this kind of document from Serbia, the required documents you should send to the Embassy are:

  • Completed form zahtev.doc in the Serbian language. Your signature should be notarized at the office of Canadian Notary Public. The fields in this form are numbered as:
    1. Last and first name
    2. 13 digit personal ID number in Serbia (if you have it)
    3. DOB (dd/mm/yyyy)
    4. Place, municipality and the country of your birth birth
    5. The full name of your father
    6. The full name and maiden last name of mother
    7. Citizenship
    8. The time period of your stay in Serbia for which the inquiry is asked for
    9. Residential address or addresses in Serbia during the mentioned period of time
    10. Date and place of completing this form
    11. Signature of the person which is applying for the Certificate
    12. Residential address in Canada
    13. Phone number and e-mail address for contact.
  • The photocopy of your passport
  • Consular tax of 62 CAD (ways to pay).
  • One self-addressed prepaid envelope (shipping by mail service)
  • Contact phone number

The mentioned Certificate will be issued in the Serbian language. Please be aware that it takes up to two months to process your request. The Embassy may issue the official letter to confirm the date of your application and the estimated time of processing this kind of an application.


Transport of human remains, either decedent's body or cremated ashes, to the Republic of Serbia requires a written document -permit called SPROVODNICA. The following documents and procedures are required:

  1. The form sprovodnica.doc should be filled out by the family member
  2. Certificate of Death - long form or Statement of Death, original. Original extracts from registers, in order to be recognized in R. In Serbia, they must be certified with an apostille stamp. Certification with an APOSTILLE stamp is done at Global Affairs of Canada or at provincial offices for legalization of documents. You can find a list of authorized offices for apostille attestation here.
  3. A valid Serbian passport belonging to the deceased
  4. The burial-transit permit issued by Canadian authorities for transport of the human remains outside of Canada
  5. The statement that the deceased did not die of any contagious disease, issued by the local health authority (not Funeral Home)
  6. Certificate issued by a Funeral Home stating that the human remains were not previously buried, that they were prepared for transport according to the international regulations and placed in a hermetically sealed metal/zinc box.
  7. A statement from the funeral home as proof that the deceased person was identified and that casket contains nothing but the remains of the named deceased,
  8. Medical report wich contains the cause of death
  9. A letter from the Funeral home stating the flight itinerary, place (town) to which the remains are being shipped, point of entry into the Republic of Serbia and full name of the escort, if any,
  10. The consular fee in the amount of 10 CAD for Sprovodnica  (ways to pay). 
  11. A self-addressed prepaid return envelope (envelope is not required if applying in person at the Embassy) (shipping by mail service)

In addition:

  • If the deceased is not a citizen of the Republic of Serbia, it will be necessary to present a foreign identification document and a certificate of the burial place provided by the cemetery in the Republic of Serbia.
  • If the cause of death was a plague or smallpox Sprovodnica may be granted only with the consent of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.
  • If the remains are to be only transported through the territory of Republic of Serbia, beside above-listed documents a permit (Sprovodnica) from the country of burial must also be obtained before the transportation is permitted.
  • Numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 do not refer to transfer of the urn. In that case, it is necessary to provide the Certificate of Cremation.



In order to exercise the right to social security Embassy may issue a Proof of Life Certificate to the citizens of the Republic of Serbia who reside in the consular district of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Ottawa. 

The following is required for the issuance of the certificate:

  1. Personal presence. If a request is submitted by mail, it is necessary that Notary Public confirms that person is alive by signing the following form: Potvrda_o_zivotu_engleski.doc
  2. The copy of valid Serbian passport or another valid identification document of the Republic of Serbia (identity card, driving license);
  3. The consular fee in the amount of 4 CAD (ways to pay).
  4. Pre-addressed return envelope with prepaid postage if the request is sent by mail. (shipping by mail service)





For further information, please contact consular.ottawa@mfa.rs


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