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Useful Links

State Institutions

National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia - www.parlament.gov.rs

President of the Republic of Serbia - www.predsednik.rs

Government of the Republic of Serbia - www.srbija.gov.rs

National Bank of Serbia - www.nbs.rs


Ministries of the Government of the Republic of Serbia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - www.mfa.rs

Ministry of Interior - www.mup.gov.rs

Ministry of Finance and Economy - www.mfin.gov.rs

Ministry of Defence - www.mod.gov.rs

Ministry of Public Administartion and Local Self-Government - mduls.gov.rs

Ministry of Justice - www.mpravde.gov.rs

Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure www.mgsi.gov.rs

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management - www.minpolj.gov.rs

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development - www.mpn.gov.rs

Ministry of Health - www.zdravlje.gov.rs

Ministry of Mining and Energy - www.merz.gov.rs

Ministry of Culture and Information - www.kultura.gov.rs

Ministry of Environmental Protection - www.ekologija.gov.rs

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy - www.minrzs.gov.rs

Ministry for Human and Minority Rights and Socila Dialogue - www.minljmpdd.gov.rs

Ministry for European Integration - www.mei.gov.rs

Ministry of Rural Welfare - www.mbs.gov.rs

Ministry of Family Welfare and Demography - minbpd.gov.rs

Ministry of Youth and Sports - www.mos.gov.rs

Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications - mtt.gov.rs

Bureaus, Institutes, Organizations and Judicial Bodies of the Republic of Serbia

Public Investment Management Office www.pim.gov.rs and www.obnova.gov.rs

Office for Kosovo and Metohijawww.kim.gov.rs

Audit Authority Office of EU Fundswww.aa.gov.rs

Office for Information Technologies and E-Governmentwww.ite.gov.rs

Office of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of Chinawww.knsrk.gov.rs

Directorate for Cooperation with Diaspora and Serbs in the Regionwww.dijaspora.gov.rs

Directorate for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communitieswww.vere.gov.rs



National Tourism Organisation of Serbia - www.srbija.travel

AP Vojvodina

Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina - www.vojvodina.gov.rs

Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina - www.pkv.co.rs


Official Web Site of City of Belgrade - www.beograd.org.rs

Street Map of Belgrade - www.planplus.rs

Tourist Organization of Belgrade - www.tob.rs

Novi Sad

Official Web Site of City of Novi Sad - www.novisad.rs

Useful Links
Useful Links