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Documents Certification


Notarization of a signature on private document which is in Serbian language (authorization letter, power of attorney or statement) for use in the Republic of Serbia can be done in person at the Embassy on the basis of valid identification document of the Republic of Serbia (passport or personal ID card) or passport of Canada. The document must be signed at the Embassy.

Please contact the Embassy in case the signee:

  • is not able to read or sign the document
  • doesn't speak Serbian language

The consular fee for notarization of a signature is 65 CAD and must be paid by debit card only (ways to pay). We don't accept cash or personal checks. 

If the signatory is not able to come to the Embassy in person, private documents can be signed before the Notary Public and then legalized. The procedure of full legalization is described in the next part on this page.


If you are not able to come to the Embassy in person, your document (Power of Attorney, Statement, Authorization Letter) may be signed before a Canadian Notary Public and then legalized in a proper way in order to be used and accepted in Serbia.

If your document is:

  • Inheritance Statement
  • Power of Attorney to purchase/sell real estate in Serbia, or Statement or Declaration regarding this purchase/sale

you should sign your document before a Canadian Notary Public, then legalize it at the Global Affairs of Canada and ten at this Embassy.

  1. If your document is in Serbian language, you should sign it before a Notary Public Office, and he will legalize it with his signature and stamp
  2. your document should be translated into English/French language and cerrified by the Canadian official translator for Serbian language. The translation could also be done by Notary Public if he speaks Serbian language, but in that case he has to attest to "speaking and understanding both languages" AND to cerify the accuracy of the translation
  3. the original document and its translation should be sent to Global Affairs of Canada, to the Department JLAC. Please follow this link and read it carefully, in order to do every step correctly.
  4. The next step is to send your document to this Embassy in order to do the last step of legalization process, along with:
  • 70 CAD per document for Consular Tax (ways to pay
  • the photocopy of your ID (Serbian Passport or Serbian Lična karta, or Canadian Passport). This photocopy does not have to be legalized by Notary Public.
  • your phone number for contact
  • one prepaid envelope with Tracking Number, addressed to your home address or the recipient in Serbia (shipping by mail service)

The other way of legalizing your document is to compose it in English/French language. Then the step No. 2 will be skipped. In that case the translation into Serbian language will be done in Serbia.

In case you need to legalize one of the following documents, you do not need to do the steps 2. and 3. The legalization by this Embassy only is sufficient:

  • Power of Attorney for a Bank
  • Power of Attorney for purchase/sale of a vehicle in Serbia or its registration
  • Power of Attorney for issuance of a document in Serbia (Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate etc.)


The documents issued by Canadian officials will not be accepted and can't be used in Serbia without their full legalization. (There is no Apostille in Canada) The list of such documents follows:

  • Birth Certificate, Statement of Live Birth
  • Marriage Certificate, Certificate of Marriage, Marriage Search Document, Statement in lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad
  • Death Certificate, Certificate of Death, Statement of Death - Form 15
  • Name Change Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate, Court Order, Court Judgement
  • Diplomas, School Transcript Reports (please check with Global Affairs of Canada if you should send an original or a certified photocopy)
  • all other documents issued by the Canadian Officials

In case you need to legalize Diploma, School Transcript Report or Court documents, be sure that it contains:

  • the full name of the official person
  • original signature 
  • position of that person (judge, principal, clerk)
  • original seal of the institution

The full legalization procedure is a two step procedure:

  1. legalization at the Global Affairs of Canada - JLAC Department
  2. legalization at this Embassy

Document legalized by Global Affairs of Canada should be sent to this Embassy along with:

  • Consular tax of 70 CAD per document (ways to pay)
  • contact number - the number of your cell phone preferably
  • one prepaid envelope with Tracking Number, addressed to your home address or the address of a recipient in Serbia (shipping by mail service)


The Inheritance Statement is a document that should be signed exclusively at the Embassy premises. The procedure is described in the first paragraph of this page (Notarization of signature for the Power of Attorney)

In case you live far away from this Embassy or you are not in a position to come in person, then you should compose (or by some Serbian lawyer or by Serbian Notary) the Power Attorney regarding the inheritance statement. This way you will authorize the person in Serbia to give your statement before the judge or Notary Public in Serbia. The procedure of legalization has been described in the paragraph Legalization of a document signed before a Canadian Notary Publicon this page.


The Embassy can certify a photocopy of the document. In this case it is necessary to submit the original document and a photocopy of the same. The consular fee for the certification of a photocopy is 48 CAD. (ways to pay) (shipping by mail service)

For further information, please contact consul.ottawa@mfa.rs.

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