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Issuing Visas
A visa application can be submitted in 2 ways:
- Independently through the portal for foreigners (https://welcometoserbia.gov.rs/home)

- through the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Ottawa, by personal arrival or by sending complete documentation by post.


Visa is a permission to enter, stay or transit, and should be obtained by a foreigner prior to entering the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Visa is not a guarantee of entry to the Republic of Serbia.
A visa shall be issued by a diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Serbia. Visa cannot be issued at the border of the Republic of Serbia.

Depending on the nationality and type of your travel document, it might be necessary to apply for Serbian visa before your trip:

  • Canadian passport - Canadian citizens DO NOT need a visa to travel to the Republic of Serbia. It is allowed to stay up to 90 days in a 180 days period.
  • Canadian Travel Document (Refugee Travel Document) require a visa for entry into the Republic of Serbia.
  • National passport of another country - please check here if you need a visa
  • National passport of another country, already having multiple entry valid USA, Schengen, any EU member country or UK Visa - may travel to and enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia without Serbian visa and stay up to 90 days in a 180 days period.

Foreign nationals which possess a valid Canadian visa or lawful residence in Canada (Permanent Residence card) may not enter the Republic of Serbia without a visa.

Types of visas:

  • Visa C - short-stay visa (up to 90 days)
  • Visa D – long-stay visa (more than 90 days, up to 180 days)



Visa for a short stay is issued for tourist, business and other purposes, for one, two or more entries into the Republic of Serbia. Visa type C can't be the basis for applying for the temporary or permanent stay in Serbia.

Required documents:

  1. Valid passport (passport must be valid for at least 90 days after the intended departure from Serbia, it must contain at least two consecutive blank pages).
  2. Completed Visa Application Form (Form must be filled out clearly, in printed letters; the applicant must fill all columns/questions and state correct residential address in Canada – no P.O. Box is acceptable).  For minor children, the form is filled and signed by their parents.
  3. Photo (Size 3,5cm x 4,5 cm)
  4. Invitation letter – not older than 6 months.
    1. For a private visit, a certified invitation letter from a relative or a friend from Serbia is required, whereby they commit to covering the expenses of the foreigner’s stay in Serbia (download).
    2. If applying for a business visa, please enclose:
      • an official invitation from the company in Serbia, stating the nature of the business, the expected duration of the visit as well as the name and address of the company or institution you are visiting. (download), as well as
      • a letter from the Canadian company which you are representing. Legal or private entity that provides a guarantee to a foreigner, which obliges him/her to bear the costs of their accommodations and removal if they can not collect from the said foreigner, shall be required to present a certified copy of the guarantee to the competent authority based on the place of residence of the foreigner.
  5. Proof of appropriate and valid travel health insurance – the insurance duration must exceed the duration of the intended stay
  6. Proof of residence in Canada (photocopy of Permanent Resident Card, Working Permit, Student’s Visa).
  7. Proof of sufficient funds for staying in Serbia – the usual amount is approx. 50 EURs per day of your stay (accommodation and means to sustain yourself during the stay and return)
  8. Return ticket or Itinerary, if you already have it
  9. Proof of booking a hotel or other type of accommodation,
  10. A self-addressed prepaid return envelope (envelope is not required if applying in person at the Embassy)  (shipping by mail service)
  11. Consular tax of 97 CAD (non-refundable) (ways to pay)


Long-stay visa is the approval for the entry and stay for the duration between 90 and 180 days in the Republic of Serbia. If the foreigner wants to apply for temporary residence and needs a visa in order to enter the Republic of Serbia, it is necessary to obtain this visa prior to arriving in the Republic of Serbia.
You can apply electronically, at the following link: https://econsulate.gov.rs

Required documents:

  1. All documents stated in lines 1-11 necessary for applying for visa type C
  2. Consular tax of 49 CAD (non-refundable) (ways to pay)
  3. Depending on the purpose of your stay, you should provide the following additional documents:
    1. Education, studies or specialization, participation in international exchange programs for students, other educational activities – the invitation letter of the school or university confirming your admission or engagement, the letter of the school or university in Canada which is sending you, the contract between schools or universities in Serbia and Canada which provide the exchange of students.
    2. professional training, training and practice, scientific research – the letter confirming the mentioned training, practice or research issued by the company in charge for your activities in Serbia, the contract of cooperation signed between the institutions in Serbia and Canada on the exchange of trainees or scientists.
    3. work – your contract with the company inviting you to come to work in Serbia
    4. family reunion (the spouse or parent is the citizen of Serbia) – Marriage Certificate, issued in last 6 months; for common-law partners – the proof of the single status, the notarized statement of both partners and two witnesses confirming that the union of this type exists, the proof of the common residential address, if you have a child – the Birth Certificate.
    5. Religious service – the signed contract between the church in Serbia and you
    6. Medical care or services – the invitation letter of the medical institution in Serbia, stating the place and the period of time necessary for your treatment
    7. Possessing a property in Serbia – the proof of your ownership of the real estate in Serbia, issued by the Cadastre Registrar Office, certified purchase contract, the decision of the Court of Serbia declaring you as the inheritor of the property in Serbia


  • Visa processing time is up to 3 weeks. Have this in mind before planning your trip or buying a ticket.
  • Upon the arrival to Serbia, you are obliged to register your stay at the nearest Police Station within 24 hours. You can do that in person, or you may authorize the company or the person which invited you or accommodating to do that for you
  • Citizens of Armenia, Mali, Pakistan and Syria pay only handling costs for visa issuance in the amount of 2 CAD.
  • Serbian Law on Foreigners may be downloaded here

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